2016 / 2017 Office Bearers

Right Worshipful Master Bro Peter Walker       
Immediate Past Master Bro Thomas Steel

Depute Master Bro Thomas Duncan PM

Substitute Master Bro Richard Ralston PM

Worshipful Senior Warden Bro Murray Robertson PM
Worshipful Junior Warden Bro Andrew McLachlan PM
Senior Deacon Bro Raymond Lithgow

Junior Deacon Bro Jamie Rafferty

Inner Guard Bro Robert Stewart PM

Bible Bearer Bro Ian Redpath PM

Chaplin Bro Murray Brown PM

Treasurer Bro George Neill PM

Secretary Bro Alan Borsbey PM

Director of Ceremonies Bro Ronnie Gemmill PM 

Almoner Bro Jim Robertson PM

Tyler Vacant

Committee Members

General -
All elected Office bearers, 3 PM's in good standing and 2 brethren from within the body of the lodge
Enquiry -
RWM, WSW, WJW, Secretary, Treasurer, 2 Past Masters in good standing
Benevelant -
RWM, WSW, WJW, Secretary, Treasurer, Almoner
Social -
RWM (President), WSW (Vice-President), WJW (Vice-President), Secretary, Treasurer 

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