Masonic History

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Thomas Steel
Petition book no. 700
Applied to join 
Enquiry held  
Ballot taken  21st October 1993

Dates of Degrees:-
Initiated  2nd December 1993
Passed  6th January 1994
Raised   3rd March 1994
Mark Degree  1st December 1994

Offices Held:-
Installed as Marshall 25th Feb 1995
Installed as Marshall 24th Feb 1996
Installed as Sword Bearer 22nd Feb 1997
Installed as Inner Guard 28th Feb 1998
Installed as SM 27th Feb 1999
Installed as WJW 25th Feb 2012
Installed as WSW 23rd Feb 2013
Installed as RWM 22nd Feb 2014

Installing Masters:
Bro.Murray Robertson PM
          Bro.Thomas Duncan PM

Honorary Membership:-



AlanBorsbey installing masters 2014
RWM 2014/15
Installing Masters
prog Office
Installation Program 2014
Office Bearers 2014
Prog 2 prog
Past Masters

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